Great food to balance our hormones needn’t be difficult or take long to prepare.  Here is one of my favourite recipes which takes around 10 mins to prepare and cook.  Full of omega 3 and calcium, it’s great for women’s health especially when we need to keep our hormones in top condition.


1 tin of sardines boned or boneless (I prefer boneless but boned are fantastic to boost calcium levels)

handful of cherry tomatoes – halved

handful of spinach or rocket

1/2 avocado either crushed or sliced

teaspoon of teriyaki sauce

handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds

1 slice of rye bread toasted

small amount of butter or a drizzle of olive oil for the rye bread


Open the can of sardines and pop into a saucepan.  Crush them and stir whilst heating them on a hob until they are hot all the way through

Whilst the sardines are cooking, pop the rye bread in a toaster to cook

Take the sardines off the hob

When rye bread pops up, either drizzle over the olive oil or spread a little butter

Pop the rye bread on a plate, add the rocket on top

Add the sliced avocado on top of the rocket and add the sardines, add the tomatoes and sprinkle over with the sunflower and pumpkin seeds