About Me!

Hello my name is Dr Nikki Delglyn (Ostm) FAO, a highly motivated and enthusiastic Doctor of Osteomyology and I am also a Fellow of The Association of Osteomyologists. I am NOT a medical doctor.

Osteomyology is great as it allows me to use a multi-disciplined approach to health, wellbeing and fitness.

My clinic is based in the quiet village of Great Barton, just outside Bury St Edmunds and is all about health, wellness and fitness and it is hopefully a little sanctuary where you will feel comfortable and well looked after. I help to look after people from all different walks of life from retirees to professional sports athletes, from mums to children; from high impact sports injuries sustained in Rugby & American Football (go Bury Saints!), post trauma rehabilitation (work & vehicle related) to sprains & tweaks.

Chances are I can help most people and if I can’t I’ll be honest and straight. Trust & integrity is very important to me & my aim is to facilitate a quick and effective recovery from injury so my patients may return to sport, the active lifestyle they love or quite simply able to get back to work.


Here are just a few things you may not know about me:

  • I was brought up in a small mining village in South Wales where my great Grandma was greatly revered as the herbalist making potions and lotions to the village people
  • We moved to Hertfordshire when I was 15 and I had to read the Shakespeare plays in English class, as my teacher loved my accent! Obviously an Anthony Hopkins fan?
  • I graduated in 1991 from Northampton University after studying Business & Finance and I worked and a Senior Training & Change Management Consultant for 10 years. My clients ranged from Domino Printing Sciences, Boots Healthcare, Glaxo-Smithkline to Compaq Computers, British American Tobacco and Shell Oil
  • I am a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor and ran my own successful business in Hertfordshire. I am currently studying for my Level 4 Personal Training qualification, graduating in August 2016
  • I also helped run the Rosemary Colony Diet and Fitness classes in Essex and Hertfordshire
  • I worked with 2 rugby team coaches providing fitness training programmes, nutritional coaching and injury management in my home town of Royston
  • I set up 3 gyms and therapy rooms for the Royal Mail in both Stevenage and Cambridge to keep postmen and women fit, healthy and injury free
  • I was a County level gymnast and loved playing netball and hockey up until a few years ago (I kept breaking my thumb which made work difficult) – but looking to go back to playing next year!
  • I took up swimming at 23, became a lifeguard and represented Unilever in Holland as part of their tri-athlon team coming 2nd. I also represented Sun MicroSystems in a Solent Sailing Competition coming 2nd again!
  • My favourite toy as a toddler was Monty the pull-along fish! He went everywhere with me. We both loved visiting my Aunt in Kent and walking along the seafront
  • I suffered a back injury whilst training for the London Marathon which lead to emergency surgery and I remain with paralysis in my right foot. I was left infertile and it took 4 years and IVF treatment to become pregnant with my second daughter
  • As a 10 year old I was awarded a Community Award for work in the community and had my first BBC interview on BBC Wales
  • I was a member of the St John’s Ambulance
  • I absolutely loathe flying and I prefer to stay with my feet firmly on the ground!
  • I am a heavy rock fan (although I like Simple Minds ad most 80’s music) and a real fan of Iron Maiden’s Bruce and Eddie! Hence my desire to organize Rock Concerts when I first graduated! Never managed that one but did see Bon Jovi on their very first gig in the UK (at the Odeon in London!)
  • I was never a girlie girl and was always seen as “one of the lads”. Always up for a laugh, I ate a Phal curry as a bet with my friend Paul – free meal, free drinks, great company – one burnt mouth – ouch!
  • Very proud to have successfully donated bone marrow to a male patient in the USA who survived his leukemia and received a lovely letter of thanks from his family
  • I had a phobia of feet so decided to study reflexology to overcome it and it worked – I still don’t like snakes though
  • I am an Adult Education teacher and pleased to be asked to be a future guest lecturer at our local college
  • I am a health, wellness and fitness blogger currently writing for the Moreton Hall and Southgate Directories in Bury St Edmunds