Fitness at the Delglyn Clinic


Let's Get Moving! If you're 7 or 97 – we can all join in!

Sport and keeping fit has been an interest of mine ever since I can remember. My Grandad played football for Bristol City and my uncle played for Wales and Arsenal, so from an early age I was always encouraged to be active. In the small Welsh mining village where I grew up we didn’t have a gym or flash sporting clubs, but the children ran, played and were incredibly active playing up the mountains and in the fields. As you can imagine, in Wales it rained lots– but we put plastic bags inside our wellie boots and went out and had fun all year around.

Our bodies are truly amazing and so precious that we should be looking after them, but unfortunately, many people take their bodies for granted and forget that it needs to be cared for. Your body was designed to move and it is fantastic at healing itself from injury and illness given the chance. I know this from my own painful experience. Whilst training for the London Marathon in my early 30’s, I had a freak accident that rendered me paralysed, (including all that goes with it!) and have to undergo emergency surgery. Through painful rehabilitation I learnt to walk again and thankfully have only slight paralysis in my foot.

Because of my own experiences, I do believe that everyone’s rehabilitation should include exercise to help regain movement and strength, which will ultimately lead to increased fitness levels and overall health. I also believe that to stay fit, healthy and active doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join a gym or spend lots of money on special “diet’ foods, equipment and clothes. I am very keen on a bargain and I don’t like wasting money on unnecessary items, that end up in the bin or un-used. That’s where I will give you suggestions of what could work best for you!

A brisk walk to and from school or work, carrying out manual tasks at home, walking up and down stairs can increase your level of fitness. I don’t know about you, but I need to enjoy an activity to keep me motivated, so do something you enjoy! My skills as a qualified PT and Exercise Instructor come in handy! Everyone can get a work out, no matter what your age or your injury!

Remember! Our bodies were designed to move, muscle and bone density needs us to move, so ditch the sofa and bring on the fun!