I remember my nan making bone broth as a child and it was used as the basis of gravy in those days, if you were ill you had a cup of bone broth!  You can read more about the benefits of nature’s most healing medicines through my website.  I love making my own chicken and beef broth as I know what has gone into it and have found that it settles my IBS and I now I’m nourishing myself from inside out!  Bone broth is incredibly easy to make and great for gut health, especially when you have had to take antibiotics, or if you have any digestive issues like IBS or leaky gut issues.  It helps to build your immune system and is delicious.  It will not only help to support your gut but will support the cellular regeneration that takes place after surgery.


1 large chicken

1 leek

1 large carrot

1 large piece of ginger smashed

1 clove garlic

1 onion diced or sliced

Freshly ground pepper

Fist full of fresh thyme

Fist full of flat leaf parsley



Allow to cook in the slow cooker for approximately 4 hours or until the chicken flesh falls off the bones.  Strain the slow cooker contents so the stock is in a large jug or bowl, debone the meat and store separately ready to eat as part of a soup or other meals. The vegetables can also be eaten as part of another meal.  You can throw the bones away.

Hope you found this information of help and interest.