Holistic Back to Fitness Programme

Holistic Back to Fitness Programme

Offering soft tissue therapy, skeletal adjustments, gentle mindful rehab movements for safe & confident return to movement, caring and strengthening your pelvic floor and strengthening your deep & superficial back muscles

If you are suffering from constant back, shoulder, neck and/or pelvic pain or have intermittent flare ups this programme is for you.  Having suffered back pain most of my life after a gymnastics injury and having to undergo emergency back surgery in 2012, I know what it is like to suffer from back pain.  I have been running my back clinic since 2014 with great success and my patients have ranged from mums with babies, post menopausal women, peri-menopausal women, heart surgery patients, Parkinson’s sufferers, UK military, USA military personnel, golfers, police officers, A & E doctors, nurses, solicitors, rugby players, footballers, marathon runners and American footballers to name but a few. 

There have been many research studies that all agree that exercise is the best treatment for people who suffer back pain from time to time and can reduce pain and improve overall function.  I personally agree with this, from my own back pain experiences.    Other treatments such as massage, skeletal alignment, dry needling etc. can all help but I believe they need to be used in conjunction with exercise to make the biggest difference long term.  This is why my back clinic has been successful as I am able to administer all these modalities, it’s all in one place and less expense and time for you.  

The main aim of the Back to Fitness Programme is to teach you an exercise programme that will improve the control of your back whilst you move, so that you can consider returning to sport, high-level activities and return to work, whilst improving your pelvic floor activation too. 

Your Holistic Back to Fitness Programme is open to men and women and will include:

  • 6 x 1-to-1 sessions in clinic
  • individualized therapeutic massage, skeletal re-alignment and dry needling where necessary
  • an exercise programme made up of 8 exercises each with 2 parts which we will do in clinic
  • exercises for you to do at home
  • small items of exercise equipment for you to use at home
  • re-usable water bottle


£458 – one-off payment   
£244 – 2 payments



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