Holistic Hysterectomy Preparation & Recovery Coaching Programme

Holistic Hysterectomy Preparation & Recovery Coaching Programme

A 4 week preparatory journey for an effective recovery from surgery, offering informative and practical advice to help dispel any anxieties surrounding your impending surgery

I designed this programme with the aid of Burrell Education after my mother at the age of 76 years, underwent an abdominal hysterectomy including bi-lateral oomperectomy for cancer of the cervix and endometrium. Within 8 weeks she was well enough to return to her exercise classes, was pottering around the garden again and had very few issues after surgery.  (Please note you do need to get the all clear from your surgeon before returning to your normal pre-surgery routine)

This coaching programme is for you if you are worried about potential surgery or, if you are scheduled to undergo a vaginal, keyhole or abdominal hysterectomy/oompherectomy, and want to make sure you are well informed, prepared and you desire an optimal recovery.  

Your Holistic Hysterectomy Preparation & Recovery Coaching Programme will include:

  • 4 x 1-to-1 sessions in Clinic
  • information on the following subjects:
    • the different types of hysterectomy
    • pre & post operative nutrition to support wound healing
    • relaxation techniques
    • practical guidance on preparing for your hospital stay
    • what to do during your stay
    • preparing to leave hospital and return home
    • guidance on bladder & bowel health after surgery
    • postural and lifestyle advice
    • effective and restorative breathing and pelvic floor exercises
    • scar tissue management
  • individualized therapeutic aromatherapy massage, skeletal re-alignment and dry needling where necessary
  • a jar of relaxing bath salts for use before surgery
  • re-usable water bottle
  • a nutritional guidance and recipe booklet


£298 – one-off payment   
£155 – 2 payments



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