Meno-vitality Coaching 1-to-1 sessions

Meno-vitality Coaching 1-to-1 sessions

A 6 week journey to menopausal vitality.   Offering practical and effective solutions to women who are dealing with the symptoms that accompany peri/menopause or those women who

 want to prepare for the next phase of their life.

From soft tissue therapy using individually blended aromatherapy oils, nutritional guidance for optimum hormonal health to restorative exercise to boost brain, bone & heart health and more…

The Meno-vitality Coaching is a fabulous follow-on from your initial consultation and takes into consideration your symptoms, current lifestyle and your own health priorities.  Aimed at women aged 40 and over who are trying to cope with hormone imbalances and the symptoms of menopause, such as brain fog, muscle aches, fatigue, hot flushes, weight gain, insomnia and forgetfulness so you can regain your vitality and live life to the full.  By using evidence-based research at its core and an infusion of the holistic and orthodox, your menopause journey will be a positive mix of movement/exercise, bodywork (for example massage, skeletal realignment, dry needling), nutritional advice and lifestyle education.


The Meno-vitality Coaching programme is for you if:

  • you’ve noticed subtle changes to your mood, your libido or even your dress size?
  • current strategies for weight loss such as diet and/or exercise don’t seem to have the same effect, in-fact the harder you try the less progress you make?
  • you may be trying to manage a myriad of symptoms from rock bottom energy levels, mood swings, insomnia, low libido, pelvic floor issues, hot flushes, brain fog, muscle loss, hair loss and many others and don’t know how to cope anymore?


Or maybe you:

  • are approaching 40 and want to take control of your life and prepare for the next stage by learning more about peri-menopause and menopause – as the English Philosopher Sir Francis Bacon wrote in 1597, “Knowledge is Power”
  • have been diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency, experiencing premature menopause (between the ages of 40 – 45) and need extra support alongside the HRT you’ve been prescribed or you are experiencing ovarian failure due to illness or surgery and need extra support to help you with the symptoms


Your Meno-vitality Coaching programme will include:

  • 6 x 1-to-1 personalized clinic sessions
  • information on the following subjects:
    • hormones
    • dealing with stress and the benefits of good sleep hygiene
    • pelvic floor, sexual & bowel health
    • bone, heart & brain health
    • effective mid-life nutrition
    • effective and safe exercise in mid-life
  • individualized therapeutic aromatherapy massage, skeletal re-alignment and dry needling where necessary
  • an exercise programme for you to do at home
  • small items of exercise equipment for you to use at home
  • re-usable water bottle
  • information leaflets to take away

£458 – one-off payment   
£244 – 2 payments



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