What do my clients think?
Some lovely words from just a few of my clients.

Back pain? No more – thanks Nikki – I’ve never felt better!

DW – Cambridge

As always so lovely to see you, and then have the amazing treatment that transforms your patients lives, I as one of them thank you so much.


I’ve been suffering for months with repeated muscle strain, thanks to Nikki my pelvis has been realigned and my muscle imbalance is being sorted. No more muscle strain so I can train hard again.

RW – London

Ive been visiting Nikki now for over 5 years, she has never failed to diagnose any injury that has occurred to me, and never failed to help the repair process – not only an obvious genius at her profession but a splendid person to boot!

JP - Bury St Edmunds

I’ve been having other therapies but nothing got to the root of my backache. I came to Nikki and after my treatment I felt brilliant, my back felt much loser and I was able to go on holiday with no pain.

IM – Bury St Edmunds

I always feel well looked after and good about myself when I leave a treatment with Nikki. Thank you for all your hard work

BG – Thurston

Nikki sorted out my longstanding ankle injury really quickly so I could return to sport.

CW – Mildenhall

She is awesome! Whatever magic she did, I’ve never felt better. My back was killing me before treatment and after one session I was able to play the game of my life!

JS – Mildenhall

I went to see Nikki as I’d been having problems and pain with my hips since running a 10km a few weeks before and it hadn’t sorted itself on its own through resting it. Nikki gave me a thorough consultation, listening and advising on the issues I had. Not only does she help to solve the issue(s) you have she also helps you find the cause of it and gives you exercises to not only get back to fitness but to also help it to not happen again. Nikki gave me advice in terms of running and I’ve now got some shoes that really support me when I run and I am gradually getting back to running fitness. Nikki emailed me the exercises and in the follow up appointment gave me more to do that would help me overcome my injury further as well as a massage in each session, once again giving advice. I highly recommend Nikki. Her support and expert knowledge has helped me to get back on my feet.

LH – Bury St Edmunds

After suffering 3 weeks of really bad lower back pain, after one treatment I feel amazing! I was able to play football and felt fantastic!

JS - Bury St Edmunds



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