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With over 20 years clinical and fitness instruction experience, I now run a women’s health and wellness clinic just outside Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.  As a Dr Osteomyology, Specialist Menopause Wellness Coach and Back Pain Specialist and one of East Anglia’s leading specialists in menopause coaching, I am able to provide a truly holistic approach to women’s health including pelvic and low back pain, menopause, female hormone health and other post reproductive health issues.  I thrive on helping women take control of their lives, regain and maintain their health, wellness and confidence, especially whilst going through the transitional period also known as peri-menopause into menopause and beyond into their second spring.

Menopause is completely natural and affects every woman who has/had a uterus and functioning ovaries but it can have an impact on everyone – literally!  From husbands, children, friends and even work colleagues, it’s important that women are well informed and take control of their lives so they can feel confident about what is going on with their bodies, manage their symptoms and can talk about it openly, which I encourage in Clinic.

Usually a woman will begin the transition into menopause, or peri-menopause around the age of 40.  She may begin to experience irregular periods, headaches/migraine, mood swings, weight gain – the “muffin top”, mental fuzziness, night sweats for example (for more information please click here).  However, some women may go through premature menopause due to surgery such as a hysterectomy or receive damage to the ovaries from chemotherapy or other medical interventions, also known as premature ovarian failure.  Other women may sail through this period with very few or no symptoms at all.

We are unique and whilst our symptoms may be similar to other women, we will experience peri-menopause and menopause slightly differently.  This is why I use an individual female centered approach, designed to be respectful to your pelvic floor, your hormones, your heart, brain and bones and help you feel more confident, stronger and healthier.  By using the right restorative movement, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, a variety of soft tissue and joint articulation techniques you should begin to feel energized, free from the injury and stresses of everyday life; ready to face the world as a confident vibrant woman without feeling exhausted and frustrated.

I am proud to have achieved a Fellowship with the Association of Osteomyologists, and Memberships to both the British Menopause Society and the Royal Society of Medicine.  I am therefore passionate about combining evidence-based and holistic practices to achieve patient centered results in Clinic.  As we reach mid-life, women need to work smarter NOT harder to achieve health, hormone health, wellness and fitness goals so education and empowerment follow-on hand-in-hand.


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